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Blue Aster provides,  to both home and professional gardeners, a diverse palette of plants native to Maine, New England, and the Midwest. All plants are grown at the nursery from seed that is responsibly collected from a variety of locations here in Maine.  

Native plants matter because they evolved alongside the insects, birds and other creatures that are also native to Maine. These creatures depend on native plants for habitat, food for their young and to provide nourishment before our long cold winter sets in.
Native plants are adapted to our soils and climate. There are plants for moist shady conditions, for sandy gravelly sites, for dry shade and moist sunny locations. Native plants don't require fertilizers and large amounts of compost to be beautiful. They just naturally feel at home!

Where to Purchase

The nursery will open May 20th for the season, Friday-Sunday, by appointment only.

A pre-order form is available here. If you plan to visit the nursery, pre-ordering is not necessary.



Blue Aster is a retail nursery. Wholesale prices may be available to professional gardeners and landscapers.

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