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To learn more about native plants or to purchase native seeds visit Wild Seed Project.

Wild Seed Project List- Pollinator Plants by Season of  Bloom

Native Plant Finder-type in your zip code for a list of plants native to your area

For help in identifying native plants, visit Go Botany!

First Light Wildlife Habitats- habitat design & education

Lists: What to Plant

Plants That Support Moths & Butterflies

The Stunning Life Cycle of a Ladybug  ...just because

Bringing Nature Home & Nature's Best Hope by Doug Tallamy

The Living Landscape by Rick Darke & Doug Tallamy

The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods by Andrew Barton et al.

What is Rewilding

Insect 'Armageddon': five crucial questions answered

Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970, surveys show

Maine Audubon Talk with Doug Tallamy

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